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Introduction to the course (can be viewed without an account)

Overview of the curriculum. Please read this introduction completely before you get started with the online curriculum on adaptive river basin management. Note that this section can be viewed without a user account: click on this heading ('Introduction to the course') and select 'log in as guest' (no registration necessary).
Module 1: Global Change and Water Resources
Module 1 introduces the workings of the climate system, the main causes and effects of climate change, and possible solutions. The effects of climate change on water resources and implications for management are explored.
Module 2: Introduction to Adaptive Management and IWRM
Module 2 introduces the importance of adaptive management within the context of river basin management, as something to be embedded within integrated water resources management. As such, it provides definitions, the context and motivations for adaptive management.
Module 3: Adaptive Management Tools and Methods
Module 3 immerses students in the methods and tools that contribute to adaptive river basin management. Considerable emphasis is placed on demonstrating these approaches through their recent or current application in case study areas. This module ends with an introduction to the transition phase to adaptive management regimes.
Module 4: Transitions Management
Module 4 facilitates an understanding of the role of societal transitions in the process of adaptive river basin management. The role and use of transitions management in the policy and decision-making process, and in bringing about more effective and sustainable water management regimes are introduced and explored.
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